Monday, 29 March 2010

Using the roses...

In the last post I showed you some Pardo roses that I had made, well I'd like to show you now what I made with them.

I have used the roses and seed beads to make this necklace. The main pendant is also made from Pardo. I used an unmounted stamp to make the ruler image onto the clay. To me the roses looked slightly dull and as I didn't want to varnish them I used a little bit of metal rub on them to make them a bit pearlier.Although the photo doesn't show off the seed bead colours so well they are purple and gold in colour.I finished it all off with a little gold toggle clasp.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Fresh from the oven.

These are fresh out of the oven. I love the way the colours come out with Pardo, really pearly and glittery.

The little cupcake was just a quick go but I think I'll be doing more as it turned out ok.
The roses I am wanting to make sets with so again I'll probably have to make more.

A new set and a new necklace

Today I have two makes to show you the first is a necklace. Bit of a different style for me but I like how it turned out.

I have had the main focal beads for a while now and wasn't too sure how to use them but then I ordered some lovely seed beads from a German lady on ebay. The seed beads are rocailles and are a mix called Rain Forest Crunch.

The second make is a set using some lovely coral bead mix.

I've also added some gold plated leaf charms and some lucite leaves and flowers.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Swirl Lentil bead necklace

This time I made just one larger lentil bead and a few small round beads to match. I've used a turquoise and gold Pardo clay and some seed beads. As I had made an odd amount of beads I used the last one to make a little hang down on the back of the necklace. I've used a gold toggle clasp too.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Today's makes

So I thought I'd have a go at making some swirl lentil beads. They look easy enough to make or so I thought!! I've got the swirl done ok it's just the size and shapes I need to sort out, they are all weird and wonderful shapes. I don't think I will be using them for anything!!
Here's a couple of the better ones,fresh from the oven.

Tiger Rose Set

After my little (uh hum) spend in Viva Decor I thought it was about time I actually made something rather than just admiring it all. So here is what I came up with.

The roses are made with Fimo clay and the hearts have been made with Pardo and some hot fix gems. This is the first time I have tried the Pardo and I must say it is a lot easier for me to work with. More pliable and easy to condition. I've also used some metallic rochelle beads in a rose and gold colour.
What do you think?

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

It's here and I've tested it!

So my Makin's Ultimate Extruder arrived, thanks Emma. I bought mine from EJR Beads here. I decided to make some coiled extruder beads.
Wow how easy is the extruder to use?? Let me tell you it's dead easy!! and really easy to clean too. I am very pleased with it.
So if you are in two minds about getting one, don't be! I wish I'd got this one from the start.
I'll show the beads later.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I thought I'd put up a post about polymer clay extruders for anyone thinking of buying one. Here is my take on them.

I made a bit of a mistake the other day I decided that I would like to have a go at a polymer clay extruder. Being a newbie I thought I'd buy the cheapest , after all they all do the same thing right? How wrong could I be?????

I bought one of the silver plunger types. It arrived and I excitedly opened it and set to work. And was instantly disapointed. No way could I move the plunger down after I had put the clay in, I think I got maybe a cm of clay come through. I tried softening my clay but still I could get no clay through. I have rhuematoid arthritis so I thought well maybe it's just me? But after putting up a post on a craft forum I see that lots of people have trouble with them.

So now I have dished out more money and gone for the Makin's Clay ultimate extruder. Instead of a plunger it has a screw top. I can't explain it but here is a pic

I've read lots of articles about it and hopefully this one will be a lot easier to use. Keep watching it should be here any day soon. :0)

The finished article....

Ok so you remember the beads I made a few posts back with the mixed fimo and perfect pearls? Well here is what I made with them, another charm bracelet.

I've used my beads with black seed beads as their base, also pearls, other coloured seed beads,crackle beads, silver antique wing charms and lucite flowers.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Work so far......

Here are a few pieces of jewellery that I have made so far in the last couple of months.

A 3 strand illusion necklace using white cat's eye and silver cage beads.

Autumnal and gold coloured set.

I have used blue lampwork beads for this set along with some blue fimo roses that I had a go at.

Three crocheted bracelets.

Indian and chip bead set.

Red and black charm bracelet with fimo flowers.

I made this set to take with me to Egypt in August. The beads reminded me of the beach so I also added some shell beads.